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Category: Dog Topics

Pet Obesity

Dr. Christina Frick, D.V.M. Americans are getting heavier, and so are our pets. Some pet owners think their dogs are just a little fluffy or big boned!! And others …

Spaying & Neutering

SAVE A LIFE: SPAY/NEUTER Dr. Christina Frick, DVM There are many preventative measures owners can do to help prevent or reduce the risk of many diseases including cancer or …

Zoonotic Diseases

Pets and Zoonotic Alert Dr. Christina Frick, D.V.M. Your pet is one of your best friends, providing you with unconditional love and companionship. You want to keep your pet …

Dog Days of Summer

Prepare for “The Dog Days” of Summer Dr. Christina Frick, D.V.M. All animals deserve special care during the hot summer heat. Here are some reminder tips for summer pet …

Parvo in Puppies

Canine Parvovirus and It’s Prevention Dr. Christina Frick, DVM Vaccinations have prevented disease in millions of pets for many years. Unfortunately, some people still are not vaccinating and these …

New Puppy

PUPPY LOVE Dr. Christina Frick, D.V.M. Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time for any family. Your new puppy depends on you to help him or her …

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