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Dental Health

February- Pet Dental Month

Dr. Christina Frick, D.V.M.

Frick Veterinary Services advises that regular dental exams and cleaning are important to your pet’s health because …. BAD BREATH IS NOT NORMAL, it is a sign of disease. Here are some tips for good oral hygiene for your pets.

Feed at least some hard food, which will provide a cleaning action. Dr. Frick has Science Diet and Purina Pro Plan dental diets available for dogs and cats. These can be used as a daily treat or maintenance diets. Hard food helps remove early soft plaque accumulation, but will not prevent the problem alone. Avoid human foods because it tends to stick to pet’s teeth.

Many people are also brushing their pet’s teeth at home. Use only pet toothpaste and start brushing their teeth at an early age to prevent problems. Frick Vet Services also offers many dental treats including Greenies for dogs and cats.

Have teeth examined at least once every year for tarter buildup. Dr. Frick may recommend a dental scaling and polishing for your pet. Some animals may need antibiotic therapy prior to the dental cleaning. Pets vary considerably in the amount of tarter that accumulates. Some pets may need teeth to be extracted if severe infection is present. Preventative care is the best for your pet’s overall health.

Good Dental Health for your pet is up to you. Call today for a dental appointment. Ask about the $50 rebate offer!!!

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