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Healthy Pets

Dr. Christina Frick, DVM

Knowing normal characteristics of your pet can help you determine if your animal is healthy. A healthy pet is a happy pet. Healthy pets should appear alert and active. Your pet should maintain his or her usual appetite on a day-to-day basis. The pet should show no signs of difficulty chewing or swallowing. Your pet’s movement is without pain, stiffness or other difficulties. Healthy pets urinate with the usual frequency and in the usual amounts, with no blood in the urine. Healthy pets have regular, normal appearing bowel movements with no blood or pain during elimination. They also breathe normally, with no coughing or other respiratory difficulties.

Some outward signs of physical appearance can mean the animal is in good health. These include: Eyes clear, bright and free of matter.

Nose is moist and free of discharge.
Ears are clean and odor free.
Teeth are clean and white.
Gums are pink with no redness or offensive breath odor.
Coat is glossy and healthy looking with no signs of fleas, ticks, lice
or mites.
Skin is non-greasy and free from dry flakes.
Body is free from lumps, bumps or masses.

If your pet does not show all of these healthy signs, the animal may be sick and need a professional evaluation by your veterinarian. A yearly full physical exam can be important to every animal for preventative health care. Early detection is the key to establishing treatment or management options. EARLY DETECTION = BETTER DISEASE MANAGEMENT = LONGER LIFE.

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