FVS provides comprehensive on-site and ambulatory services for equine clients. Our capabilities include ultrasonography,radiology, lameness examinations, artificial insemination, dentistry (teeth floating), and many more testing and procedural modalities. We do coggins testing and health certificates for traveling with your horse across state lines or to horse shows.  Schedule 1 week prior to leaving, so all test results will be back, so you have no problems with traveling.  Other services include annual exams, vaccinations, deworming, nurtritional consultation, Horse surguries including castration, laceration, wound management & repair.  Dr. Frick keeps in touch with the latest equine technologies through the American Association of Equine Practitioners, and offers these for all horse enthusiasts.  Remember Dr. Frick is always available to clients for emergency 24-7.

**We carry Southern Plains Coop Horse feed including:

We can also get you anything else you may need.

Sweet Feed
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Hubbard Equine Performance
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