Frick Veterinary Services works with many local Humane Societies.  We offer free wellness exams when you get a new pet from a breeder, shelter, pound, humane society or just a friend.  This exam includes a full wellness check, free heartgard dose, free frontline dose, a free new puppy or kitten book and a free bag of food offer.  Call us for an appointment.

Dr. Frick also has many strays come to her clinic from the county and other cities she works with.  When they do not have room in our local humane societies, they will be available through Frick Vet for adoption.  We also have sick or injured animals relinquished to our clinic, after being nursed back to health or the problems fixed, they become available for adoption and will be put on this link.  Check back for their stories.  We appreciate any money donated to help these animals for their care and recovery.  You can give at our clinic or by clicking the donate button below.

We also are very active in the Pawnee County Humane Society’s Trap Neuter and Release of ferrel cats.  Call Dr. Frick to find out more about this program.